Houston Featured Artists

For The Lord

Pressin and Steppin, For The Lord (FTL) Kevin Alexander, Harold Demart, Phillip Grant, and Claude Reed and the FTL Band are a group that has marched into their season. They were selected by the Houston Chapter of the Texas Gospel Announcer's Guild as the Best New Artist of 2001 and also received the Texas Music Excellence Award for Best Male Group in Texas for 2001. In 2002, FTL received the Best Male Group and Best Male Album of the Year. The first project "Mene Mene Tekel" (FTL), combined traditional gospel cords and melodies infused with both urban, contemporary, and rhythm & bluses music. However, the traditional condition of the quartet is the solid Gospel foundation, which has brought them to their current level of success. Their second project "Keep On Pressin" is making an impact, it is indeed something to be excited about. FTL's music elicits the kind of response that is reminiscent of that drawn by the even-popular Motown sound, which even today continues to be a musical mainstay and barrier breaker.

Their current project "My Life is in His Hands" is a powerful and spirit-filled sound that touches the heart and soul of its hearers. FTL has shared the stage with many of today's top gospel recording artists. Among them are the incomparable Queen of Gospel, Shirley Caesar, the dynamic, William Brothers; Keith "Wonder Boy Johnson"; John P. Kee; Lee William &The Spiritual QCs; The Canton Spiritual; Darrell McFadden& The Disciples; Jonathan Slocomb; also Christian television host and recording artist, Beau Williams. They have also performed at the world- renowned NASA-Johnson Center in Houston, Texas and at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands, Texas, where they co-sponsored a Prayer Vigil Concert in the wake of the 911 tragedy. Their latest accomplishment is sharing a stage with Chester T. Baldwin and to record for the television show "The Word" with Dr. Bobby Jones. FTL has touched many diverse audiences. Their goal is to continue to minister in Excellence. FTL is experiencing phenomenal blessings...and they wish to share them with you. Listen and buy at http://cdbaby.com/cd/forthelord

Raishein, gospel pop music’s new crowned Princess, is an anointed singer, songwriter, actress and recording artist. She relies on truth and writes from her own remarkable life experiences. Every musical testimony is a page torn from her diary. She composes songs that speak to the perseverance of the human spirit by transforming her wounds into a source of strength.

In 2002, Raishein became a covenant partner and music minister with Faith World in Orlando, Florida. Through God’s direction, she obediently relocated with her family to Houston, Texas in 2004 and joined Trinity Fellowship Church, where she is currently one of the praise and worship leaders.

Raishein feels that ministry by music is one of the most powerful tools that is used today to reach a generation that is looking for fulfillment in this world. She uses her talents prophetically to reach the world with God's message of love, grace and hope in spite of trials and tribulations. She believes strongly in teaching this generation how to rid themselves of religious mind-sets and develop a serious relationship with Jesus Christ. She uses her unique voice, love for people and heart after God to inspire others to realize that in spite of your past, you can make it with Jesus.

 With the completion of the adroit album titled “Believe”, Raishein has delivered an impressive, powerful, and moving debut. As the album unfolds, Raishein leads audiences deeper into her world, walking them through a place of worship through her experiences and emotions. The CD reveals that if you “Believe” in Jesus, He “can” make a way out of no way.

Get ready for the Release and Debut CD from Raishein, “Believe” on 2-10-2009 Listen and buy single at http://www.raishein.com

Minister James Willis

Minister James A. Willis, Jr. is currently serving as Minister of music at the Prospect Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK. as well as an Associate Minister, He is dedicated to the Art of Gospel Music, he has been singing for over 35 years and has traveled across this country spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song, most of all he is man of God who loves the Lord, and has dedicated his life to Ministering through the music that God has given him to reach his people, to share the music that will encourage and glorify God.

We believe when James Allen Willis was born on October 9th 1957, in Oklahoma City Okla., the presiding angel asked the lord, "Lord, what shall you want that is special for this child?" and the Lord responded, " For this child shall grow to have one of the most unique & powerful anointed voices, that whenever he sings his voice will fill the air, all shall know that this is a gift that only I could have given."

James started singing as a child. Family members recognized he had a God given gift. But it was while performing in a 5th & 6th grade talent contests that someone in the audience also recognized this child had a gift. After the production was over, the person approached James's mother and suggested she keep him singing. James's mother followed the advice of the stranger, and he began singing in the church youth choirs. He also played the drums, the violin and cello, at age 8 years old. He was first chair in the school orchestra, as he was also gifted to play the saxophone and guitar. He played in bands and wrote songs at the age of 11 years old. He sang his own material that the Lord had placed inside of his heart. He was encouraged to keep writing and singing, and he has been writing and singing for the Lord every since that day.

Through the years James has sang in over 150 weddings and funerals when called upon, and sang with several local area choirs. His first major opportunity came when he joined the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA). James was the featured soloist on the GMWA Mass Choir Album in 1993. He also sang on 3 albums with Grammy award winning writer Mr. Stan Lee of Los Angeles California. He was in the company of Gospel greats such as Thomas Whitfield, Daryl Coley, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Albertina Walker, Donald Vail's, Charles Fold, James Cleveland the founder of GMWA Workshop of America.

James has had the opportunity to fellowship in ministry opening up in Concert with many nationally known gospel recording artists, including Yolanda Adams, John P. Kee, Shirley Caesar, Vickie Winans, Beverly Crawford, Edwin Hawkins, BeBe & CeCe Winan's, Fred Hammond, Commissioned, and many others.

In 1991 the Lord ordered James's next steps by calling him into the ministry of the Preached word, and he preached his first sermon only two weeks later at the Simultaneous Revival in Oklahoma City, OK. The Lord also filled him with the burning desire and tireless dedication that it would take to fulfill His order. James knew he would have to go out on his own. He began to write and develop the songs. By placing songs upon his heart and mind these songs compile the works of his first project entitled, God Can Do It, with his group Assurance in 1996 and now for his first solo debut CD, entitled, "Come Unto Me''.

James carefully chose and employed the talents of some of Oklahoma's most gifted artist Myra Beasley, Min. Renee Wilson, Tiffany Rodgers Brown, Cynthia Ladd Smith, Minister Sam Myles, Toye Linley, Jyntel Carter, Phyliss Gray, Telisha Miles, Shelia Fugett, Evelyn Morgan, Orinthal Wondick, Kara Blackwell, Cameron Battle, Delon Ellis, Paul Morgan( Washington D.C) Rod Vester (Memphis Tennessee) Phillip Bates, & Fred Smith, keyboards and music director; L.G. Hamilton, drums programming; Alvin Quinn(ST. Louis MO., bass; and Wayne Murray of (Oklahoma City, Okla.) Rocky lead guitar. These individuals all from James' supporting group members.

Since completing the CD, James has performed at many events such as the St. John Missionary Baptist Church Men's Conference, KTLV Radio Ten Best Dressed Women Of Oklahoma, Praise in the Park with Beverly Crawford, and have 10 upcoming events scheduled for the next few months on his agenda.

His CD is being played on radio stations across the country Heaven 97, Gospel James has also been featured on numerous radio interviews. James' hard and dedicated work for the Lord continues to open many doors for him. James continues to follow the plan the Lord has worked out for him and he has no doubt that God will do exactly what He said. He is commissioned to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and compel the unsaved to seek Him.

James and his group work hard at spreading God's messages to the masses through his songs. One of James' favorite verses, Psalm 146:2, reads "I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live." (NIV) In James's own words, "As long as God keeps filling these pipes, I am going to sing." We encourage you to experience "The powerful message in the ministry and music. "

Dr. Theola Booker

A native Houstonian and a strong woman of God, has come to touch many hearts with her splendid soulful expressions of her deep love for gospel music. With a silent demeanor of various rhythms, melodic lyrics and high-spirited nature, she continues to capture a wide variety of gospel music lovers all across the country and steadily moving all over the world. Dr. Theola Booker has composed, arranged and co-produced “I’m An Heir” and “God’s Been Good” recorded by the Greater St. Matthew Mass Choir. Her latest CD Project, Theola Booker and Friends with the Greater St. Matthew Choir, has critics proclaiming that this CD is simply “outstanding, awesome, dynamic, anointed and soul stirring. This is Theola’s best work yet.” To her credit; she has made the 2008 Grammy’s ballot for “Traditional Gospel with guest,” composed and arranged music for the late Reverend James Cleveland, founder of the Gospel Music Workshop Of America, Inc. and has had musical affiliations with renowned recording artists such as, Margaret Douroux, V. Michael McKay, Albertina Walker, LeAnne Faine and Dorothy Norwood to name a few. Dr. Booker is a graduate of Texas Southern University and Lacrosse University, receiving her Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD of Art in Music Education with emphasis on piano. She is the First Lady and Minister of Music of the Greater St. Matthew Church (“The Saint, one church with two locations”) where her husband and Senior Pastor Dr. Gusta Booker is shepherd. She is the mother of three children and four grandchildren. Other achievements include: Assistant Chapter Representative for the Houston Chapter of the GMWA, served as Department Coordinator at Burris Elementary Fine Arts Program, Former Faculty Member at the University of Houston Music Department and Board Member and Director of Music for Houston’s based Inspire Women, Inc. The blend of all her talents, the love for people and the art of gospel music inspires us to know that this is why God has blessed us with such a lovely flower and awesome gift, as Dr. Theola Booker.